Bear Creek Disc Golf

BCDG is open!  

All 18 holes are playable

Go to 150 Water Plant Rd. in Robbins and follow signs


   Sponsored by: 

    Northern Moore Family Resource Center


1-”THE MAYORS”  265 ft/365 ft, Par 3

   In memory and honor of the leaders of Robbins,

   past, present and future


2-”NUMBER TWO” 180 ft/225 ft, Par 3,  

  Sponsored by:We Pump It Portables, LLC 

  (866) 396-9579  In memory of Bobby Hudson


3-”EYE OF THE NEEDLE” 255 ft, Par 3,   

  Sponsored by: Teresa and David Thomas


4-”WORKOUT” 188ft, Par 3

   Sponsored by: Flex Fitness 171 S. Middleton St.

   Robbins, NC


5-”PIPELINE”  215 ft/305 ft, Par 3,  Sponsored by: 

   McDuffie Appliance and Plumbing Parts, LLC, 

   305 Branson Circle Robbins, NC (910) 948-3238


6-”CHICKEN WING”  194 ft/338 ft,  Par 3, 

   Sponsored by: Carolina Fried Chicken 281 

    N. Middleton St. Robbins, NC (910) 948-2398


7-”TWISTED TREE”  220 ft, Par 3

   Sponsored by:  From The Ground Up Pottery


8-”THE LONG RUN”  250 ft/300ft, Par 3

   Sponsored by: Douglas and Cynthia Shear


9-”CYCLOPS”  165 ft, Par 3

   Sponsored by: Ed Sharp


10-”ICONS”  175 ft, Par 3

    In memory of: Dr. A.A. Vanore, W.P. Saunders,

    Dr. W.E. Alexander and Roy McSwain


11-”ROOT CANAL”  188 ft, Par 3

   Sponsored by: Sandhills Weekend Dental, 

   200  Westgate Dr., West End, NC

   (910) 687-4423

12-"DOG LEG" 400 ft/480 ft, Par 4

    Sponsored by: Carthage Animal Hospital,

    Carthage, NC (910) 947-5278

13-"KEY HOLE" 180 ft, Par 3

    Sponsored by: S & R Quail Farm-Hatchery

    In memory of Arnold & Verla Kennedy

14-"LAUNCH PAD" 170 ft/250 ft, Par 3

    In memory and recognition of

    Capt. Charles E. Brady Jr., M.D.

15-"BIG OAK" 180 ft, Par 3

    Sponsored by: Joey & Rebecca Sheffield

    In memory of Cecil Sheffield & Libby Markham

16-"THE BEACH" 160 ft/220 ft, Par 3

    Sponsored by: John & Cara Maness

    In honor of Philip, John & Alan


    Sponsored by: The English Brothers

    Roland, Rufus, Andy & Lonnie

18-”LANDING STRIP” 375 ft/450 ft,  Par 4

   Sponsored by:  The Phil Loftin Family  

   In honor and memory of those who love to fly

Course Map and info
Course Map and info

Hole #1 "The Mayors"
Hole #1 "The Mayors"

Robbins Reservoir
Robbins Reservoir

Course Map and info
Course Map and info