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Bear Creek Disc Golf

BCDG is open!  

All 18 holes are playable

Plus alternate holes 16, 17 and 18!

Go to 150 Water Plant Rd. in Robbins and follow signs


   Sponsored by: 

    Northern Moore Family Resource Center


1-”THE MAYORS”  265 ft/365 ft, Par 3

   In memory and honor of the leaders of Robbins,

   past, present and future


2-”NUMBER TWO” 180 ft/225 ft, Par 3,  

  Sponsored by:We Pump It Portables, LLC 

  (866) 396-9579  In memory of Bobby Hudson


3-”EYE OF THE NEEDLE” 255 ft, Par 3,   

  Sponsored by: Teresa and David Thomas


4-”WORKOUT” 188ft, Par 3

   Sponsored by: Flex Fitness 171 S. Middleton St.

   Robbins, NC


5-”PIPELINE”  215 ft/305 ft, Par 3,  Sponsored by: 

   McDuffie Appliance and Plumbing Parts, LLC, 

   305 Branson Circle Robbins, NC (910) 948-3238


6-”CHICKEN WING”  194 ft/338 ft,  Par 3, 

   Sponsored by: Carolina Fried Chicken 281 

    N. Middleton St. Robbins, NC (910) 948-2398


7-”TWISTED TREE”  220 ft, Par 3

   Sponsored by:  From The Ground Up Pottery


8-”THE LONG RUN”  250 ft/300ft, Par 3

   Sponsored by: Douglas and Cynthia Shear


9-”CYCLOPS”  165 ft, Par 3

   Sponsored by: Ed Sharp


10-”ICONS”  175 ft, Par 3

    In memory of: Dr. A.A. Vanore, W.P. Saunders,

    Dr. W.E. Alexander and Roy McSwain


11-”ROOT CANAL”  188 ft, Par 3

   Sponsored by: Sandhills Weekend Dental, 

   200  Westgate Dr., West End, NC

   (910) 687-4423

12-"DOG LEG" 400 ft/480 ft, Par 4

    Sponsored by: Carthage Animal Hospital,

    Carthage, NC (910) 947-5278

13-"KEY HOLE" 180 ft, Par 3

    Sponsored by: S & R Quail Farm-Hatchery

    In memory of Arnold & Verla Kennedy

14-"LAUNCH PAD" 170 ft/250 ft, Par 3

    In memory and recognition of

    Capt. Charles E. Brady Jr., M.D.

15-"BIG OAK" 180 ft, Par 3

    Sponsored by: Joey & Rebecca Sheffield

    In memory of Cecil Sheffield & Libby Markham

16-"THE BEACH" 160 ft/220 ft, Par 3

    Sponsored by: John & Cara Maness

    In honor of Philip, John & Alan


    Sponsored by: The English Brothers

    Roland, Rufus, Andy & Lonnie

18-”LANDING STRIP” 375 ft/450 ft,  Par 4

   Sponsored by:  The Phil Loftin Family  

   In honor and memory of those who love to fly

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